Hey, wow! I’m the Big Moose!

I’m honored to share the news that my first novel, The Good Echo, has won the 2017 Black Lawrence Press Big Moose Prize and will be published in November 2018. To read an excerpt, or find out more about Black Lawrence Press, you can go here.

2 Replies to “Hey, wow! I’m the Big Moose!”

  1. Dear Shena McAuliffe –
    Congratulations, big moose! Your name leaped out at me (Poets & Writers) because you are in my home town. I’ve made a note to buy your book in November. The last time I was in Richmond it was August to celebrate my 95th birthday. A relative took us on a tour of Earlham. I love Earlham. I grew up 2 blocks from the college, and the campus was my playground., finding violets and lillies of the valley for bouquets for my mother. After graduating in 1940 in the first graduating class of the new high school I enrolled at Earlham, with masters in English and music. But. My neighbor boy fiance said, “I can’t wait 4 years for you to go to college.” He bought 2 bus tickets and we eloped to Ky. I said, “I’m going to Earlham later.” The one biggest mistake of my life. But it taught lessons. Stop idealizing people. They must be who they are, not who I imagine. But I had incredible good luck later. I just wanted to connect with you. By the way, it’s not too late for me to go to Earlham.


    1. Hi Roberta! Thanks for your comment! I hope you’ll enjoy my book. I’ve been writing little essays about Richmond these days, and am always curious about its history. Perhaps I’ll have to send you some questions!


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