We Are a Teeming Wilderness: Stories. Press 53, 2023. (Forthcoming May 3, 2023)
Glass Light Electricity: Essays. University of Alaska Press, 2020
The Good Echo: A Novel. Black Lawrence Press, 2018


The Course to the Horizon.GeistThe Other Matter.Miracle Monocle
Pieta: Richmond, Indiana.AGNI Online
Dispatches from Abandoned Architecture.Matchbook
The Leopard Frog,” Memorious 22
This Human Skin.Better: Culture and Lit 4
The Distance Between is an Unbroken Line.Mapping Salt Lake City
“As a Bitch Paces Round Her Tender Whelps, So Growls [My] Heart.The Collagist 40


Marceline Wanted a Bigger Adventure.” True Story 26 (Spring 2019)

Of Glass, Light, & Electricity.” Copper Nickel 28 (Spring 2019)

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“Blight: Disambiguation.” Halophyte Collective: Walking/Mapping 1.0 (Spring 2018)

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“Until We See Signs & Wonders.” Southern Humanities Review (Fall 2017)

“Eleven on Poison.” Bellingham Review 74 (Spring 2017)

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Book Reviews
More True Than Invented, More Invented Than True: Review of Dispatches from the Drownings by BJ Hollars,” Drunken Boat 21 (Spring 2015): online
Someday You Tell It To Everyone: Review of The Family Cannon by Halina Duraj,” Quarterly  West, (Spring, 2014): online
The Tooth Fairy by Clifford Chase, HTMLGIANT.com, (March 8, 2014): online

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